Friday, June 14, 2013

Chocolate covered Pretzal sticks or Suckers for an Event

Serena's baby shower


Ingredients: -Pretzel Mold of Your choice (Can be found at Michaels) Washed in soapy water and dried.
You could also use a sucker mold, and make sure to buy the correct size stick it states on the package
                 -Plymouth Pantry Almond Bark (Vanilla and/or Milk Chocolate)
                 -Pretzel Sticks (1 bag has about 20-33 sticks depending on broken ones)
                 -2 Wilton Candy bottles
                 -Favor Bags
                 (Food coloring if you are using it)

Depending on how many you want to make for the event will determine how much Almond Bark (White chocolate or Candy Melts) you will need. I prefer Plymouth Pantry Almond bark because it tastes the best coating pretzels, and it is what I always have in the pantry. The only drawback I found was that it doesn't quite mix with food coloring all the way. It still looks okay, but the look is not as smooth as say frosting. The second time I made the pretzel sticks I used the vanilla almond bar and milk chocolate almond bark to make a two tone mold instead.

To Mold Pretzels:
Break apart Almond bark and melt in microwave. Start at 1min. Mix. 30sec. Mix. 10sec. intervals, Mixing in between until you Almond bark is melted and smooth.
At this point you can separate out some and add food coloring for details, or melt your milk chocolate almond bark in the same fashion.
Fill two Wilton Candy bottles, on with vanilla almond bark, and the other with your colored almond bark (or milk chocolate).
First use colored bottle to squirt gently into detail area of each mold going 1 candy tray at a time.
Once all the detail area is filled, tap mold gently on the counter. Add vanilla almond bark on top, not quite to the top of the mold. Place pretzel rod in mold cavity and turn to evenly coat with almond bark. Tap mold gently one more time to remove air bubbles and add a little more almond bark on top if needed to seal in pretzel. Refrigerate until set. This usually takes about 10-15 min until candy is firm and mold appears frosty.. I have about 3 molds going at once so I can refrigerate while I am making and I just keep rotating which are in the fridge. Turn mold over on flat surface and gently twist to release pretzels.

If you are doing a large quantity, I found that it helps to keep a pan of hot water nearby to set in the bottle of chocolate you are not currently using to keep it from hardening.

Place finished product into favor bags and tie together with Ribbon. Enjoy!